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Equipment List

We're not going to be sneaky about what we're running! There are a lot of really awesome products out there and we'll tell you what we trust! We try to keep our machines equally built, but it doesn't always work out that way. Below is our current mod list!

Evolution PowerSports Stage 5rwi (E85)

Evolution PowerSports Stage 6 (E85)

Evolution PowerSports V-Flow Intake

Evolution PowerSports High Flow Air Filter

KWI Clutching X190 Clutch Kit

KWI Clutching X250 Clutch Kit

KWI Clutching Full Float Mod

Evolution PowerSports World Best Belt

HMF Full Exhaust

roll cage.jpg

HMF Front Gusset Kit

HMF Front Bumper

Shock Therapy Toe Link Support

Shock Therapy Rear Radius Rods

BRP 4 Point Harness

Dirtbag Customs Carbon Fiber Clutch Liner

Razorback Belt Temp Gauge

Rock Knockers Mud Flaps


Shock Therapy Full RIS Shock Tune

Shock Therapy Bump Steer Delete Ti-rods

Shock Therapy Front Sway Bar

Shock Therapy Rear Sway Bar Links

Shock Therapy Rear Sway Bar


aBRP Lower Doors

BRP Center Seat Bag

BRP Accessories Holder

Wolf Designs Custom Wrap

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