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600+ Sold and not a single failure... NO Other Liner can say that! The manufacturer is now offering a LIFETIME warranty on this liner! If the liner breaks, you get a new one! (Does not include housing).


Everyone hates blowing belts... but what makes it worse?! When you blow a belt that destroys your clutch housing! The standard solution before was an aluminum insert that would protect your housing, and this DID WORK! We tested it! But, it required you to remove your clutch housing in order to install, and you had to drill holes to bolt the liner in. Those holes could cause the housing to leak, and the bolts cause "pinch points" which actually can make the plastic housing very brittle in those spots... so an unlucky belt break could still break your housing!
NO LONGER! This Maverick X3 clutch liner is Fully Carbon Fiber! American Made! No drilling required! This liner will install in less than 10 minutes, and will make your housing virtually sledge hammer proof! Protect your clutch housing BEFORE you need to buy a new one!


A Dirtbag Customs Product

Maverick X3 Carbon Fiber Clutch Liner

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  • You may need to remove the lower shock bolt from the trailing arm on the 64" models for ease of installation.