KWI clutch kits have been proven to put down the most wheel HP period! Can Am X3 clutch kits in stock and ready to ship! KWI Clutching X3 clutch kits will dramatically improve acceleration, backshifting and get your rpm's in the peak power whether your riding in the desert, backwoods, dunes or mud. The KWI clutch kits are a MUST if you have a ECU flash in your car as your stock clutching RPM's will be way off. Stock 2017-2019 X3 RPM's and X3's with an ECU flash need to be at 7700-7900 RPM's and 2020 models need to be 8000-8200 with proper backshifting in order to accelerate their best and pull good MPH.  

In order to make our kits more universal and make the selection process easier we have carefully integrated our previous kits such as the X34, X36, X40, X150 and X160 into just 4 kits with a wide range of adjustability. Our current kits now are the X155, X190, X195 and the adjustable X250.

Please use the clutch selector when selecting a clutch kit for your application.

* This is a KWI manufactred product*

X155 Maverick X3 Clutch Kit