The Yamaha YXZ1000R exhaust is available as a Slip-On or Full System in the Performance and Titan Series.  The Performance Slip-On and Titan XL Slip-On pick up 7 horsepower and the Titan QS picks up 6 horsepower. The Performance and Titan XL Full Systems pick up an amazing 16 horsepower when coupled with the correct tuning for an incredible 20% gain in horsepower at the wheels! (2019 model)  That means with a couple simple add-ons the YXZ1000R can be putting almost 100 horsepower to the ground with an aggressive exhaust note. No matter what exhaust you choose you can expect to also shed 8-10 lbs compared to the stock exhaust.

Exhaust Fits:
(16-20) Yamaha YXZ 1000R, YXZ 1000R SE, 1000R SS, 1000R SS SE

Titan Slip On YXZ 1000R