Titan Series - Dual Full (Turbo-Back)
The 5" Stainless Steel Titan Series is available as a Quiet or Loud exhaust system, generating 5-7 horsepower, 4-5lb of torque, 5-9dB increase, weighs approximately 23lbs. Includes (2) 18MM O2 Bungs. (Factory and Wide-Band)


  • (17) Can-Am® Maverick X3, Maverick X3 w/Upgrade Kit
  • (18,19) Can-Am® Maverick X3/MAX Turbo, X DS Turbo R, X RS Turbo R 

Titan Dual Full (Turbo Back)

  • Fuel Tuning is absolutely required when installing an HMF Exhaust on this machine. Failure to tune the engine can cause excessive damage to the exhaust system and engine, while voiding the warranty on your exhaust and possibly on your machine.


    Full Throttle Off Road and HMF are not responsible to damage caused by not following these guidlines.


    Full Throttle Off Road proudly uses Evolution PowerSports for our personal tuning needs