The HMF™ Slip-On (Muffler Delete) exhaust system for the Can-Am® Maverick X3 is a no core slip-on system that sounds loud and angry.  It utilizes the stock end cap, turbo and the downpipe heatshield.  Cerakoted™ Black, the Slip-On system picks up 2-3 more horse power, screams at 114dB at 4,000RPM, and weighs 5.5lbs.  This exhaust isn't for the faint of heart but it's a great way to keep your stock setup while adding performance and sound.

  • Slip-On (Muffler Delete) System
  • Utilizes the Stock End Cap
  • Keeps the stock plastic
  • Retains stock turbo and downpipe heatshield
  • Adds 2-3 more horsepower and 3lb of torque.
  • Very Loud: 114dB at 4,000 RPM
  • Weighs 5.5 lbs

Slip-On (Muffler Delete)