The Polaris RZR PRO XP® exhaust systems are available as Dual Slip Ons in the Performance Series, Dual Full Turbo-Back in the Performance and Titan Series, and a Single Full Turbo-Back Big Core in the Titan SS Series.

All the dual systems use 16” silencers.  The Slip-On systems retain the original downpipe and turbo heat shields.  The Full Turbo-Back Systems will still retain the original turbo heatshields but replace all the exhaust components after the turbo. 


The 4” diameter aluminum silencers and stainless steel downpipe replace the entire exhaust system from the turbo back.  The downpipe includes a flex joint and custom laser-cut heatshield that mounts to the downpipe.


Exhaust Weights (weight difference to stock): 
Performance Dual Slip On: 15.05 lbs (-4.30 lbs compared to a stock silencer)
Performance Dual Turbo Back: 21.20 lbs (-5.05 lbs)
Titan XL (Loud) Dual Turbo Back: 25.00 lbs (-1.25 lbs)
Titan QS (Quiet) Dual Turbo Back: 27.20 lbs (+0.95 lbs)
Titan SS Single Turbo Back: 13.85 lbs (-12.40 lbs)

Performance Gains: 
Exhaust Only (all systems): +3 hp / +1 ft-lb

Exhaust Fits: 
(2020) Polaris® RZR Pro XP

Performance Dual Full (Turbo Back)