Our new sway bar mount Frame Supports are in! As most of you are aware by now, the factory anti sway bar frame tabs are weak and tend to break with the stock sway bar under normal use. If you run hard or race you can guarantee this will happen to you soon. Because of this we developed our completely BOLT ON frame supports  to cure this issue. NO WELDING NEEDED.  Our frame supports are 100% aluminum, tig welded and light. They are super strong and only 1.5 lbs! This is 75% less weight than other steel supports on the market. In addition to this, they have an integrated mount for you to bolt your sway bar link to when you want to go rock crawling all day and don’t want the sway bar to be used. This gets it out of the way for the day with only the factory hardware being used. Don’t wait for your factory mounts to fail and be forced to weld them back on. Buy our Frame Supports and fix the problem before it happens!

Frame Supports