Yamaha YXZ RSS Dual Rate Spring Kit


     Our new YXZ RSS dual rate spring kits are tested and in stock! Are you tired of the stiff ride of your YXZ? After testing ours, so were we. There are two things that contribute to this stiff ride quality and the excessive bucking in the rear. First is the spring package and the second is valving inside the shock. Each of these contribute about 50% of the problem. Why not cure half of these issues with an easy to install spring set? These true dual rate kits will make the ride quality of your Yamaha much more plush while at the same time adding more bump stage resistance for the big hits. The small chop, chatter, rocks and small whoops will feel much more smooth and stable. Your speeds will go up through the rough terrain while still remaining stable and smooth. Slow speed crawling will improve due to the more plush ride quality and improved suspension independence for those tough rock crawling situations. Also, the annoying bucking and kicking in the rear in the whoops and off the jumps will be limited significantly making your car much more safe in these situations. These spring kits do require a small spring compressor to install. 


     If you have a long travel kit for your YXZ RSS, we have you covered as well. We have done the research and testing to get the correct spring rates for your long travel kit. You don't have to use the stock springs any more. Ride height problems and bottoming out are a thing of the past with our spring kits. Remember that with our cross over rings you can adjust when the stiffer spring is used thus tuning the kit to be plush or stiff when ever you need it to be completely separate from the compression knob on the shock. More adjust ability is the best way to get your car performing the way YOU want it to.

Dual Rate Spring Kit YXZ RSS